Adora is my name. First see the light on 16 May. Went to East Spring Primary School in 2003. Graduated in 2008. Made my way to Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School in 2009. Had my first lesson there in classroom 1/5. Guzheng and Guides revolve around my life. I am happy and appreciate this life.



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Friday, March 5, 2010
woah! @ 7:24 AM

Omg omg. How long has it been since i last posted? OMG. Wow. I cant possibly type out everything that happened (i dun have good memory and i dun have de time). So, just updat abit. (: Today's cca is about speech day agn. March here march there. Legs tired ler. TT My anime still loading leh........ So slow....... Never mind. I think kill enough time here ler. Bye :D

PS: anyone got anime intro? X)
Thursday, December 24, 2009
:D @ 7:37 AM

KONNICHIWA PPL! Long time no blog ler!!! How long liao uh? XD Tdy went out with jiayan ah jie, shih ching and shih ching's church frens. Go to some event. Met jiayan jiayan at tmall interchange mac at 12.45pm. She's late XD Haha. Train-ed to Bugis first. Cause she need pass some mask to some fren at work. Heard they having masquerade at night :D Sounds fun. After that train-ed agn to City Hall. One stop only. HAHA. Den reach ler cant find shih ching, called her. Know wad? They still at Paya Lebar. LOL. So i and jiayan jiayan go walk walk arnd nearby first. Den they reach ler we walk back. We supposed to meet at 1.45pm, den they came at bout 2pm. LOL.

I at de station there find shih ching find until will die. HAHA. Alot ppl -.- Den i walk until stand in front of her, both her and me dun recognise each other. LOL. She wear contact lens, dun recognise her, den she always see me tie up hair so oso dun recognise me XD Damn funny. She was like, "Is that adora? Is that ador?" Then i was like, "Where is she?" HAHA. Met, den know new frens. First one is Melissa. She plays de guitar!!! And when i saw de guitar, first thing i ask was, "Where you buy de guitar?" LOL. Den nxt is Yanyu and Ida :D De others not that familiar with. Saw 3 more PRCS ppl. I only noe 2. Haha. So went to some Republic place and ate lunch. Ate Fish and Chips :D After that went the event.

Event was nice :D

After event went to JustAcia to eat dinner. Sat with jiayan jiayan, Melissa and Ida. I, jiayan jiayan and Melissa shared two sets of meal. So we each paid $5. Den happened one VERY funny incident. Cause Melissa wear those tank top, den she paiseh, so wear one scarf outside. So went Melissa and Ida go take ice-cream (free flow wad :D), Ida go take off Melissa's scarf. Den Melissa was shouting Ida's name. HAHA! Damn funny lah can. Den when they come back to seat ler, Melissa keep complaning. Den everyone was like laughing like siao. (PS: almost de whole restaurant was occupied by de same church ppl. So that means they know almost everyone in de restaurant.) Very funny. Den i forget who say i look like sec 3 -.- Den go back first with jiayan jiayan :D

Nxt stop, Bugis! Went to iluma and bought de PoT postcards. SO COOL!!!!!! PoT is one anime. I'm so in love with it. Den i told Yuwen and she said i can dunnid slp ler, whole nite admire de cards XD After that jiayan jiayan need to orchard to countdown, so i went back to T1 :D bought a pair of purple long pants at uni qlo and a pair of slippers at vougue. My legs damn tired by den. Went home~

Used comp :D

JiaYan : Thx for pei-ing me tdy! And love your presents!!!! XD And our relationship damn funny to explain rite? HAHA. Got cousin, sisters, pri sch frens. XD LOVE YOU!

ShihChing : Thx for inviting me to de event. And knowing so many of ur hyper frens! XD Tyvm!

Melissa : Why wear scarf/jacket, etc.? So sexy! Thx for tdy!

Ida : HAHA! Take off Melissa's scarf once more! Very funny! And love your jokes. Thx!!

And to all humans, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
XD @ 6:25 AM

Tmr tmr tmr!! Tmr is my guzheng exam! I hope i practised enough D: Stay calm stay calm and just play! It'll be okay (: Ok.. I'm like talking to myself XD Haha, lazy reply tags tdy too -.- Okaes, shall be gd girl and go to sleep now. And to prepare for tmr! Good nites world (:

Oyasumi nasai (:
Monday, November 23, 2009
quiz (: @ 5:20 AM

Hello. I got bored while waiting for my anime to load and went jumping arnd blogs. Came to Nicole's blog and saw a quiz. Just do for fun loh. I got nth to do now anyways :D Here it goes:

10 are you's
Are you single: Yea.
Are you happy: Not really, my anime load very slow. TT
Are you bored: Of course. -.-
Are you fair: As in?
Are you indian: I'm pure chinese. -.-
Are you stupid: Idk.
Are you honest: See how's de situation.
Are you irish: Huh?
Are you nice: Maybe?
Are you asian: Nonono, i from europe. -.-

10 facts
Full name: Adora Yuen Na Yin.
Nickname: Alot seh. -.-
Birthplace: Singapore.
Hair colour: Black and abit brown.
Hair style: Eh.. Straight?
Eye colour: Dark brown.
DOB: 16 May.
Mood: Bored-ed.
Favourite colour: Red, blue, white.
One place you wished to vistit: JAPAN. XD

10 facts about love
Been in love: Got.
Believe love in first sight: Hell no.
Currently have a crush: Nope.
Hurt emotionally: Not really.
Broken someone's heart: I dun think so. -.-
Have your heart broken: Not that deep.
Like someone but keep in heart: Idk.
Are you afraid of commitment: What's that? XD
Last person you hugged: Erm, few yrs ago, my parents. :D
Last person you said ily: Forget.

9 this or that
Love or lust: What's lust? -.-
Cats or dogs: Neither nor.
Best friends or regular friends: Both. (:
Creamy or crunchy: Creamy. :D
Pencil or pen: Pencil.
Wild night out or romantic in: Idk.
Money or happiness: Happiness.
Night or day: Both.
IM or phone: What's IM? I'll take phone den.

10 have you ever
Been caught sneaking out: No.
Seen polar bear: In de zoo.
Done something you regret: Hmm...
Jumpin: Huh?
Eat food that fell on the floor: When was a kid bah, not sure.
Eat an entire Jaw breaker: What's that? O.O
Been caught naked: HELL NO.
Wanted gf back: I not homo.
Cried because lost a person forever: My ahma. TT
Wanted to disappear: Yea.

10 preference in love
Smile or eyes: Smile.
Light or dark hair: Dark.
Hugs or kisses: Idk.
Shorter or taller: Taller abit.
Intelligence or attraction: Both?
Violent or pathetic: Neither nor.
Older or younger: Idk.
Outgoing or quiet: Outgoing. (:
Sweet or bad: Sweet.

9 have you's
Performed in a large crowd: Have.
Talk on the phone longer than an hour: Got.
Been on a rock concert: Garage band counted?
Cheerleading team: Cheering competition counted anot uh?
Sports team: Have. (Is running a sport?)
Drama play or production: Ehh..
Owned rich cars: Nope. (:
In a rap video: For wad? 0.0

9 last
Last call you made: My kor.
Hugged: Idk.
Hung out: Cheri.
Work: Student.
Talked to: Parents.
You IM'd: WHAT'S IM?!
Texted: Yuwen.
Movie: LOL. Idk.
Last person or thing you missed: My bed in my room. TT

Finish! Haha. Those who are interested to do just do loh. YAY! Anime finished loading. :D Reply tags nxt time. (: Tata.
Saturday, November 21, 2009
today ~ @ 1:51 AM

I like this tree. Haha.

Cheri and de sky XD
The sky ...
... got flower :D
This one Cheri take de, nicer den mine loh TT
Haha, this one i take one :D
Went for guides practice today. It started at 8am, and guess wad? I woke up at 7.45am -.- Lucky my father at home to fetch me. Or else i really die. But i think i'm like 10mins late still. Tdy practise to tie knots, tie until my fingers damn pain. But very tight, so lucky :D
After practice when to whitesands ananas cafe to eat with Cheri. Den after that bought ice lemon tea (which taste like plum+lime *yuck*) and headed to townpark pick twigs. Picked all de twigs fat fat de. Haha, den dunno why ended up taking pictures. Lollol.
After that took bus to my hse downstairs de garden pick. Introduce to Cheri my estate here de places. She like so unfamiliarised with my hse here loh. When picking we saw tat time we saw a dead rat, is like can see de stomach loh. Red red de -.- And Cheri screamed! HAHA! Very very funny XD I told Yuwen and she go disturb Cheri. LOLLOL. Den when i bring her back, she like suddenly saw her block out of nowhere. Her reaction all very funny loh XD Keep laughing. Went 201 awhile den said byebye to her :D
Tdy no tags to reply. Haha. Shall go watch my anime ler. Byebye :D
Friday, November 20, 2009
(: @ 4:55 AM

Hello. Long time no post ler. Lazy -.- Anime-ing whole day these days. And i've gotten abit darker after camp XD. Red actually -.- Thx to de dragon boating. Camp was fun though. Going for another one in dec. Wonder will get darker anot. And i found myself laughing at de diff tones oncde skin of my hands when i flip them around and around. Crazy rite. HAHA. My face's colour oso very funny. Lollol.

It's like finally i found some one who is in loved with de same anime i have. I was jumping arnd blogs den i found this particular blog. www.relatedly-close.blogspot.com . Lol. TRC rock XD HAHA. And i when to watch de videos in this person's blog. I dunno he or she is a girl or boy. Lol, wadever -.- Some one tell me :D

Tags reply:
joann -> lol, u nvr visit liao -.-
dijay -> change liao XD
Nicole -> hellos, thx (:
kanga<3> i've voted ler ><
Karyl -> i wan buy but bo lui -.-
Shi Ting -> HAHA. thx uh. de song damn funny uh -.-
HuiTin -> thx (:
dijay -> thx once agn
Nicoleeee , -> wow, alot 'e's haha. thx agn :D
Shi Ting -> i died (:
YUENQI, -> walao. all go dunman sec -.- my dream sch sia. NVM! i loyal to PRCS XD
Shi Ting -> YEA! XD
Karyl. -> update ler loh :D haha

Kk, end here. Byebye :D
Saturday, October 31, 2009
:3 @ 1:50 AM

happy school holidays!!!